She made her best move
Playing with his emotions
He knew he had lost

6 thoughts on “7/13/2018

    1. I started out the website as a way to force myself to be creative each day, so using the date allows me to see that progress. Also sometimes I am stumped what I would even title them. 😜

      1. ah…now you hit a nerve. I have written and published one novel, a poetry book and one in memory of my mum…her poems. Sadly, I have 3 other novels at various stages on writing from 3 chapters to 6. All resting in my ‘to finish’ file. However, keep an eye open for ‘Memory of Dread’. I have decided to take the plunge and post the six chapters on my blog, one chapter each Friday beginning in August.

        Now, get writing. 🙂

      2. I will do so. I am trying to collect beta readers / finish editing of the first book now. I’ve got about 8k into the sequel. I just need to finish the editing and hit that sequel hard.

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